Resonant Graffiti

September 19, 2016



We couldn’t help but return…

Last fall we invited you to join us on an uncharted adventure exploring the inner fires that guide your creativity - and then scattering those creations around your community.  This summer we found ourselves itching to return to the practice.


Won’t you join as we play it all again?


The way we play it :: Resonant Graffiti - a daily invitation to practice inner fire sparked unabashed creation and place that work somewhere in our geographical communities.  A group of us, writers, artists, seekers, livers, question askers, beauty bringers, introverts and extroverts all showing up in our creative capacity in our local communities.  Leave your mark or keep it anonymous.  Go big or scatter almost hidden gems.  


We engage with the world of social media but we are full on weary of social media standing in for reality.  So we actively reground in the earth and the space around us.  We choose to spark back into the people and places we can see, touch, feel, smell, and breathe in.  we dive into a multitude of ways: creating and being.  


let's make graffiti.


Will you weave a network of fibers on the gas station bathroom mirror?  Will you arrange a stone portal at the base of the park bench?  Will your poetry grace the back of a napkin at the ice cream take-out window?  Will you draw your anatomical heart on the sidewalk at the corner of North and Main?  How will you dare to dig deep into your own creative expression and let it loose in the world?  







You are a bringer; you are striving to show up in your life and in the world.  You ask questions and listen for answers.  You are curious about truth and exploration.  You are willing to peel back the layers and discover what lies beneath.  You absolutely do not need to believe you are an artist, writer, or creator to come play this kind of game with us.  You do not even have to know what medium you will use.  We will provide the sparks to ignite your fire and you will be free to discover what arises, pours forth, drips from the cracks, illuminates your way forward.  

We embrace imperfection and honor all forms of truth.  


We simply invite you to join us.  We gather together in the name of Creation and Dissemination for one rebel fired week of  inspiration and connection.  This seven day experience is primarily shared through private website supplemented by a few live video/call gatherings.  During our time together we will daringly split ourselves open and discover what we are moved to create each day AND we will emerge -- to decorate our own geographical communities with these tangible pieces of our truth.

enrollment in Conscious Graffiti includes:

  • One magical box of tangible goodies designed, created, gathered, and amplified by robin and UmberDove just for this experience.

  • Daily heartspace rebel writing, instigating and igniting on our private website.

  • Interactive, unedited, real-deal live video (with phone dial in options).

inspired arts:

Whatever your medium may be (poetry, prose, watercolor, silver, nature mandala, fiber, crayons…) we want you to move through the edges of your fear and into the space of daily, truth drenched, meaningful creation.  The stuff that makes your own heart flutter and clench.  

and then:

We want you to use your singular tangible creations to decorate your local community.  Put a love story up at the coffee shop.  Leave a weaving on the public library bulletin board.  Slide a water color under a neighbor’s door.  Tape a poem to a telephone pole.  Create an installation piece for the bus stop.


Place your voice vision work IN the world.  ANNOUNCE YOUR EXISTENCE.


the movement:

We will also encourage you to share your own resonant graffiti experience with your friends, family, followers and network of magic makers to inspire others.   Right work belongs in the world.  Creation that taps back into the places we live brings all kinds of energy to our local communities.  We are called to brave shifts in the world.  You are a bringer.  

Let’s bring it.