the process of tapping into your own mystical and essential truths, and transforming them into your unique expression of manifest creativity. full heart, body and soul immersion in accessing the ethereal realms of intuition and translating that inspiration into artistic exploration. 

We are alchemists.  We are here to guide you toward your own fullest expression, to aid the search for your innovative vein of gold, to lead you in both meditative exploration and creative freedom. ethereal.  transformative.  tangible.

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the beauty i seek is often right here.

the great mother's expansive embrace, time with my feet on the earth, submerged in the rocky paths and spring filled trees - it becomes easier to remember the stillness of no particular answer.


She asked "what if you could just rest in the living? What if you took a small container of time and simply celebrated being alive? It will all still be there when you get back, so what if you just went out and wandered for the life-honoring celebration of wandering?"