intuit & inspire is honored to host basecamp for project: 

all love for the dove

we invite you to actively support UmberDove/Kelly Clark.


love provisions: give what is needed right now

as UmberDove continues on her journey through this current treatment, we discover again and again how important it is to ask for and receive all manner of love and help.  Since the treatments require the Dove to rest and receive care, we want to help ease her mind from the daily tasks to allow her full release into rest.  we invite you to donate meals and house love.


the Dove

the Dove (UmberDove, Kelly Clark) is currently involved in a treatment protocol that involves several rounds of chemo therapy infusions.  our aim is to provide currency, love, prayer, blessings, focused light, food, nourishment & alternative treatments to support an experience of ease and comfort.  while we create clear systems for gathering exactly what it is needed, we invite you at any time to donate your love energy in the form of currency.

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prayer flags: send a blessing

our prayer flag/blessings invitation is designed to transform the energy of the Dove's actual chemo treatments.  we are asking all who feel called to create a small prayer flag or simple flash card sized positive intention or blessing.  these will be used to decorate the treatment room and will also be placed directly on infusion bags to help support the fully aligned, life force amplifying intentions of the Dove's journey.

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guided meditation: love amplification

january 30, 2017 robin hosted an impromptu guided meditation as a way to invite powerful life force energy to fulfill and sustain all those to gathered and to align the Dove with her own sacred path towards ease and comfort.  this meditation was recorded so you may gift yourself a rejuvenation of life force and gift the dove a little burst of love light any time.  

please also stay tuned for future meditation circle gatherings.  


project: all love for the dove

we invite you to join us as we gather to express our gratitude for the light and inspiration that is the life and work of UmberDove.  she is currently engaging in a treatment protocol to actively release all cancer cells from her body.  while she undergoes this round of treatment we wanted to circle up, to celebrate her bright life force and the ways she has touched and inspired so many.  we aim to offer all manner of support in calling in ease, comfort, and grace for the Dove and her family at this time.  thus, our project all love for the dove.  


all love for the dove is not an answer to a crisis.  it is simply an honoring of the deeply precious human capacity to receive.  to receive love.  to receive support.  to receive currency.  to receive ease.  to receive rest...while we engage in transformation.

it is an honoring of the deeply precious human capacity to give.

it is an honoring of the deeply human capacity to learn what we are able to do for ourselves by first practicing in the name of another.

may all love for the dove light you up, and may that light pass on as aligning life energy for the dove, for all of us, for all living beings, for sacred waters, for the earth... 

we invite you to actively support UmberDove/Kelly Clark.


a note from robin: with the Dove's express permission, i will be using this site as well as the existing intuit & inspire social media accounts to share updates and invitations regarding the Dove and project: all love for the dove.  please check back here and/or follow on social media if you want to continue to engage with this particular brand of lovelight.  


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