a few years back intuit & inspire was born as a collaborative voyage into shared offerings from myself and UmberDove creator kelly clark.  in july 2017 i was honored and blessed to be with kelly as she took flight, crossing into the ethereal realms as she completed her journey with cancer.  i checked in before i flew home from those weeks with her, asking for guidance on how to get myself back together to return to my life.  but the offer was so clear - to use my witnessing and midwifing of the death process to transform me - and brave into something new. 


always an explorer at heart, i set my intention to move into a more beautiful and limitless - albeit also strange and painful - way of living.  with this blooming in my heart i explore how to continue this collaboration, this voyage, with the same goals we began with.  to listen to the everything and spark inspiration.


i invite you to join us in as we discover our way.


love, robin


We are alchemists.  We are here to guide you toward your most authentic and powerful life expression, to support your search for your innovative vein of gold, to lead you in both inner explorations and creative freedoms. Ethereal. Transformative. Tangible.

intuit & inspire

A series of invitations to engage with your self and inherent creative process as a way to discover your Truth and Being.


After several years in deep exploration Kelly and robin clarified creative and intuitive pathways to beautiful ways of noticing and knowing. Aligned resonance leading to the clear breath of inspired creativity.  We decided the magic of it all was too rich to keep to ourselves and a collaboration of rebel wonder was born.  We welcome you. 

- the luminaries - 


Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark is the visionary fire behind UmberDove, an artistic amalgamation of silversmithing and light weaving, painting and soul diving, word crafting and childlike wonder.  She believes deeply in the creative potential of humanity, stands in the truth that we all hold a bright spark of imagination, and feels that art is but a storytelling of our experience.  Kelly plays in the dense forests and deep waters of the Pacific Northwest, filling her pockets with earthly treasures and inviting nature in to co-create her art. 



robin e. sandomirsky

robin e. sandomirsky, the luminary intuitive, life cartographer, and creative feminine of Soyala, works from the cozy embrace of stroke of luck cottage in small town new england.  she is an active single mama to two littles and a small collection of four-legged light bringers.  robin is a multi-realms explorer and divine freedom granter who is dedicated to locating and amplifying your authentic expressions and powers in this lifetime. in her spare time you find her chasing light, exploring natural movement, making out with the forest, writing poetry, and alchemizing in her kitchen.  equally unafraid of primal coffee, green smoothies, and whiskey straight up, robin likes to both hold space for quiet and love living loud.