intuit & inspire is honored to continue to hold space for process and transformation in the name of the beautiful life and death of our beloved Dove. 

all love for the dove


Brad Clark - July 15, 2017

Friends, your love has brought forth an amazing blessing. Yesterday, as I sat reading aloud Watership Down, and Robin massaged oils along her spine, and Jay and Kathy held her hands, our dearest Umber made the transition from her earthly figure to the celestial being she's longed to be. Her crossing, true to Kelly form, was a beautiful and joyous moment. 

"My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today."

- Richard Adams


Because it must be so, we will dance and celebrate her in exquisite ways.  

The Death Disco for UmberDove:

Saturday August 12th from 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Floor 13:

114 Alaskan Way S # 301

Seattle, WA 98104


Thank you for your interest in attending the celebration. We have have had to close the RSVP's because we reached event space capacity.  Your love is felt... 


All are invited and welcome; however, due to limited space at the venue, the evening is RSVP only.  

If you cannot be there in person, we encourage you to send love and hugs in the form of a donation.

"act like a wild child leaping around, because it feels good to act a goober at every age"

As we celebrated her wild existence, so we rejoice in her wild crossing into the mysterious afterward. This will not be your average memorial. There will be dancing and music. There will be laughing and drinks and such irreverent carryings on. It will be nothing short of fabulous. Wear a mask, wear a cape, wear a fur. Embrace the sacred art of self-adornment. Be wild.


Attire: Your best "Kelly Clark would be proud" outfit - or anything at all. The girl loved fabulous wigs and makeup, and she also loved threadbare, holy jeans covered in dirt. Anything goes.

Bring: If desired, bring something that reminds you of Kelly to place on our altar with a short written note to accompany, so all who stop to meditate there will be blessed by the many stories of Kelly.

There will be an opportunity to contribute your thoughts and feelings during an open share time. 

A note about the venue: The space is a true hidden gem in downtown Seattle/Pioneer Square. Please allow plenty of time to locate the space and find parking, which can be tricky, and if possible, best to get a Lyft or Uber.

Metered street parking is available and free after 6 pm.  The closest covered lot is on 2nd & James at Butler Garage.  There are also 5 Diamond Parking lots within a 4-block radius.

Once inside the building, there will be signs directing you to Suite 301.


love provisions: give what is needed right now

as UmberDove's beloveds move through this moment of the journey, we discover again and again how important it is to ask for and receive all manner of love and help.  with an intention set towards easing space from the daily tasks to allow the time and space for full hearted grief transformation, we invite you to donate to support meals, acts of self care and house love.


love continues

throughout her earthly journey, the Dove (UmberDove, Kelly Clark) was involved in numerous western medicine and alternative treatment options.  this dedication to exploring healing of all kinds and in all ways led to a space of great financial need - which remains.  her loved ones are creating maps to sustain her artistry and life's work while simultaneously seeking out ways sustain themselves.  while we create clear systems for gathering exactly what it is needed to support her legacy and their lives, we invite you at any time to donate your love energy in the form of currency.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 9.49.12 AM.png

guided meditation: love amplification

january 30, 2017 robin hosted an impromptu guided meditation as a way to invite powerful life force energy to fulfill and sustain all those to gathered and to align the Dove with her own sacred path towards ease and comfort.  this meditation was recorded so you may gift yourself a rejuvenation of life force and gift the dove a little burst of love light any time.  

please also stay tuned for future meditation circle gatherings.  


all love for the dove

we invite you to join us as we gather to express our gratitude for the light and inspiration that is the life and work of UmberDove.  while we move together through this time of her departing the earthly realms we wanted to circle up, to celebrate her bright life force and the ways she has touched and inspired so many.  we aim to offer all manner of support in calling in ease, comfort, and grace for the Dove, her family, friends and beloveds at this time.  


all love for the dove was born as and remains an space and idea dedicated to an honoring of the deeply precious human capacity to receive.  to receive love.  to receive support.  to receive currency.  to receive ease.  to receive kindreds and companionship...while we all engage in transformation.

it is an honoring of the deeply precious human capacity to give.

it is an honoring of the deeply human capacity to learn what we are able to do for ourselves by remembering and honoring our profound love for each other.

may all love for the dove light you up, and may that light pass on as aligning energy for the dove, for all of us, for all living beings, for sacred waters, for the earth...and entirety of the everything.


a note from robin: with the Dove's express permission, i will be using this site as well as the existing intuit & inspire social media accounts to share updates and invitations regarding the Dove and project: all love for the dove.  please check back here and/or follow on social media if you want to continue to engage with this particular brand of lovelight.